CapFast Programmable Netlist Library (PNL)

General Description

The CapFast Programmable Netlist Library (PNL) is a library of  “C ” routines that enable you to write your own netlisters simply and easily, and is a quick and elegant way to custom netlisters. With PNL, you have access to all the information you need from your design in a convenient form, freeing you from worrying about the database structure. In addition, PNL contains routines for back-annotating schematic and symbol files.

Comprehensive Data Base Tool

PNL is a complete data base tool. It extracts symbol, port and node information from a schematic design, putting this information into a format specified by the application program. The application can access information based on connectivity or electronic component parts, depending on the requirements of the simulation or PCB layout tool. Equally important, PNL allows applications to back-annotate design files with simulation and PCB layout results. The PNL data base routines used for back-annotation are the same as those used for extraction, making the back-annotation process simple and speedy.

PNL is a Property-driven Tool

As a property driven tool, many aspects of the PNL extraction process are controlled by the properties in the schematic design. Even the level of extraction can be specified. For example,a complex part might be extracted as a single primitive for one tool, but represented by a sub-schematic for another.

PNL is a General-Purpose Tool

Properties assigned in schedit and symed to uniquely characterize symbols, ports, connectors, and wires are available to the application program through a PNL routine. This means that these properties can be used in applications as diverse as electrical rules checking, partlisting, printed circuit board and simulation interfacing. Furthermore, PNL provides qualified properties that allow the same schematic, without modification, to be extracted for different tools.

Comprehensive Extraction and Back-annotation Tool

PNL is a complete extraction tool kit that enables you to extract symbol, port and node information from a design. All connectivity is cross-referenced, providing easy access to the information you need. Also included are routines that back-annotate design files with simulation and PCB layout results. PNL routines are extensive and greatly simplify the extraction and back-annotation process.

CapFast Tools and PNL Give You Complete Control

Since the CapFast tools are property driven, you can pass any information you want to your netlist by the use of properties. CapFast tools allow properties to be qualified, enabling the same design, without modification, to be extracted differently. With CapFast’s PNL, you can control what information is extracted as well as the level of extraction. You can, for example, extract a design at the symbolic level (gate level, for example) for digital simulation and, without modification of your design, flatten the design to the device level (transistor level, for example) for analog simulation or layout.