CapFast Tools: All the Tools You will need!

CapFast DesignMaster…the solution you’ve been looking for!

  • …with Advanced features that you need and with product strengths you have come to depend on!

Editors & Utilities

  • Hierarchical Schematic and Symbol Editors
  • Schematic Packager
  • Extensive Parts Library
  • PNL – A library of routines written in C which enable you to easily create your own netlister
  • Automatic Menu Generator
  • Bill of Materials Generator


  • Bidirectional EDIF 200 Schematic, Symbol and Netlist translators
  • Bidirectional Schematic and Symbol Computervision translators

Netlisters (Interfaces)

  • Interfaces to PCB tools (PADS, P-CAD, Tango, Racal-Redac, Scicards)
  • Interfaces to Simulators (Spice, HSpice, IsSpice, PSpice, Hilo, Verilog-XL, Susie)
  • Interfaces to PLD/FPGA tools (Xilinx 2000, Xilinx 3000, Xilinx 4000, Actel)

Choose CapFast if you want to have first-class results without paying a first-class price!

  • Open databases and ASCII file formats
  • Multi-platform support includes PC/Windows and several models of UNIX platforms using the Motif user interface (SunOS, Solaris, HP/UX)
  • Comprehensive set of standard parts libraries (6000+ in IEEE and traditional formats)
  • Advanced and comprehensive property handling and data extraction capabilities
  • Customizable environment, menus and user interface
  • Ease of integration with other CAE/CAD tools
  • Programmable Netlist Library (PNL)
  • Schematic translation using EDIF 2 0 0
  • Multiplatform support with 100% compatibility between platforms
  • Unlimited levels of hierarchy
  • Interface with the largest EDA vendors like Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Intergraph and Computervision
  • Support for design assurance using Sneak Circuit Analysis