General CapFast Testimonials

Steve Owens, CAD Manager, Plano Technics
“CapFast is the most flexible schematic design package available on the PC. Its property editing scheme and data extraction capabilities are the reasons why I switched from OrCAD to CapFast.”

Neil Kenagy, CAD Manager, Computer Circuit Laboratories
“I chose CapFast because it offers a growth path to the Sun workstation without changing the database and user interface.”

Dr. Suhas Patil, VP of R&D, Cirrus Logic, Inc.
“We have standardized with CapFast for all our ASIC design capture activities because we can accurately express our designs using the CapFast tools. We found too, that CapFast’s unique database integration tool, PNL, allows us to interface our designs to other CAE/CAD tools with a minimum amount of effort.”

Dr. Dan Hammerstrom, President, Adaptive Systems
“CapFast’s open databases and ASCII file formats are very important to us since we have to interface the database to other CAE/CAD tools quickly and efficiently. Equally important is the upgrade path to the Sun workstation where we will be doing an compute intensive designs.”

Bill Cook, Chief Engineer, R&D, Microelectronics Technology Division, Eastman Kodak
“We chose CapFast Sun products for our color workstations because it offers the best value in the electronics CAE market.”

Professor Eric Kim, The University of Portland
“We have chosen CapFast as our standard educational tool for electronic circuit design. CapFast offers the flexibility and power for our students as well as for our research programs.”

Mr. M. Okamura, Manager, LSI Technology Center, ALPS Electric Co., Japan
“We have adopted CapFast as the standard within the ALPS Electric Company because it runs on both the PC Windows and the Sun Workstation.  Also handy is the software’s portability. With the help of Phase Three Logic,  we have already ported CapFast to the NEC and other leading  workstation platforms in Japan.”