Phase Three Logic


Phase Three Logic is privately owned. Phase Three Logic’s vigorous marketing approach has allowed it to rapidly penetrate the fast-growing PC and UNIX workstation-based electronic CAE market.  

Dr. Chong Lee , who serves as Chairman and President, founded Phase Three Logic in July, 1986. Dr. Lee has 20 plus years of electronic industry experience, including more than ten years of direct experience in the electronic CAE market. Prior to founding Phase Three, he worked for NCR, Tektronix and Metheus. Dr. Lee is a senior member of IEEE and has taught VLSI design courses at the Oregon Graduate Institute as an Adjunct Professor in the Computer Science Department.


Phase Three Logic is a leading supplier of PC and UNIX workstation-based electronic CAE front-end software products. Its segment target is the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) market, which is approximately 25% of the total CAE/CAD/CAM market. 


Phase Three Logic’s product line features both the unbundled schematic entry software as well as integrated design assurance software. Phase Three Logic’s products address a wide range of electronic design uses, with systems tailored for both PCB/PLD and ASIC design applications. The basic schematic design package includes a schematic editor, a symbol editor, a symbol library, a plotting program, and utilities such as partlist and archive programs.


Phase Three Logic’s primary goal is commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. All of Phase Three’s staffs, besides having strong technical backgrounds and experience, are very friendly and service oriented. They take pride in their work and their services.

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