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Our world-class software solutions are available for:

  • Individual single station end-user licenses
  • Group licenses with great savings
  • Site licenses with incredible savings & licensing flexibility
  • SaaS(Software as a Service), i.e. start from $6.95 per
    month, per client

For individual end-user licenses, please see the prices below (Paypal Payment Processing):

Hierarchical Schematic and Symbol Design Software with
PCB/PLD/FPGA/PGA/Simulator interfaces

Price: $495 (Windows), CALL (Linux, Solaris)

CapFast Parts Library & Simulation Grapher
More than 6,000 Standard Parts with Symbols & Multi-color Graphical User Interface (GUI) for integration with simulators

Price: FREE, with a purchase of any CapFast (Windows/Linux/Solaris)

CapFast PNL
Programmable Netlist Library for quick and easy integration with other EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools for custom integration and interfaces

Price: $995.00 (Windows) $1495(Linux/Solaris)

CapFast EDIF
EDIF 200 (Electronic Design Interface Format) software for both netlist and schematic level interfaces

Price: $995.00 (Windows) CALL (Linux/Solaris)

V-ASC Time Manager
Authenticated Session Control software for managing session times for library patrons including guest codes and sign-up queue management

Price: $1495.00 (Windows server) plus $4.95 per client per month

V-Print Printer Manager
Print Cost Recovery (PCR) software, charging for in-library patron printing

Price: $995.00 (Windows server) plus $2.95 per client per month

V-RMS Resource Manager
Integrated software package for both time and print management

Price: $1795 per site, plus $6.95 per month per client per month

Notes: All transactions are based on payment by Paypal
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  • Request for quote
  • Placement of PO
*  Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
**  Limited time offer.